• List Browse for Salesforce

    List Browse

    List Browse provides a natural way to intuitively browse your data in Salesforce. Stop the list-clicking madness. Review your data as easily as looking at a magazine.

  • Great addition to SalesForce!

    This app should be standard functionality in SalesForce. It is frustrating not to be able to browse between record pages as most other database systems let you do. List Browse solves that problem. I hope the click-jacking issue with being able to Edit records while
    Good to see other apps like ActionGrid making use of ListBrowse's functionality too. - Luison Lassala

    Great App!

    This app automatically browses between Salesforce pages hence increasing the speed of accessing the data. It helps us focus on the important issues hence prioritizing the task which need to be completed first. - Uditi Jain

    List Browse has increased

    efficiency and productivity

    We have been using ListBrowse for quite some time now. It allows our SalesReps to focus/filter on specific accounts or activities that are a crucial part of their day. In turn completing more tasks and closing more deals. - Daniel Ferrara

  • List Browsing at it's best in Salesforce

    Stop the list-clicking madness!

    List Browse for Salesforce

    Browse lists Fast!

    List Browse for Salesforce

    Lightning Ready

    • Data browsing functionality
    • Intuitive use, no training required
    • Incorporates every object
    List Browse for Salesforce


    Quickly Browse data!

    • Keeping it simple
    • Classic or Lightning version
    • Review multiple records
    List Browse for Salesforce

    Save unique lists!

    • Personal lists
    • Team sales lists
    • Company lists
    Appexchange Salesforce
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    List Browse Performance Test

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  • Upgrade to List Browse paid

    Take it to the next level

    $3/user/month - Paid Annually

    $3/user/month - Paid Annually

    Lightning and Classic Read/Write Version
    ✔ List Management (save list for later)
    ✔ List Memory (resume browsing tomorrow)
    ✔ Technical Support
    ✔ Help for custom solutions

    10+ Users please contact us before ordering to receive a discount code or quote: sales@toafinish.com.
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